1.8m high Beech Instant Hedge available now!

Beech Instant Hedge

We have 2000m of 1.8m (approx. 6ft) high UK grown Instant Beech Hedge available to plant right now. This is premium product is the best in class in terms of the size, density and quality; it is perfect for high end projects that demand a superior finish.

Common Beech or Fagus sylvatica is deciduous tree, native to the UK and its rich golden/brown autumn foliage is its outstanding feature.  This tree is adaptable and makes a fantastic hedge and is one our most popular instant hedges, for its seasonal variation and native heritage.  Beech’s attractive foliage emerges bright lime green before changing to the stunning autumnal colours.

When grown as a hedge, and trimmed in August, the leaves will usually be retained throughout the majority of the winter, which enhances the Beech hedge’s appeal as it offers a year-round screen.

Beech hedging is tolerant of most soil types, although it doesn’t like heavy clay (here Hornbeam would be a better choice). Beech prefers free draining soils including chalk and can be planted in all but the deepest of shade.

Garden Hedges

Hedges are aesthetically pleasing and add character to a property, whether they are an integral part of the design, or form a boundary fence.  We have a number of mature hedge options across a range species, both evergreen and deciduous.

A good hedge has many benefits in addition to being a garden boundary:

  • It provides a good shelter; reducing wind strength better than a solid fence
  • It acts as a filter; absorbing dust and noise
  • It offers privacy; as an effective visual screen
  • It offers a level of security; a prickly hedge is a great deterrent
  • It has natural beauty and interest with seasonal changes
  • It supplies background texture and colour to complement other plants
  • Wildlife can benefit from its food and shelter for insects, birds and mammals
  • It is long-lived; many hedges can last hundreds of years

Beech Instant Hedge is perfect for providing year-round screening; contact us about our 6ft high ready-grown UK mature hedge, before we sell out!

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