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Christmas and New Year

As 2020 draws to a close, we hope that you are able to enjoy the winter festivities and look forward to the New Year.  As usual, we will be closed between Christmas and New Year.

Our last working day will be lunchtime on Thursday 24th December, and we reopen on Monday 4th January 2021.

Until then, have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Griselinia growing at Iver
Top 5 Hedges for Screening & Privacy

Top 5 Hedges for Screening & Privacy

What are the best hedges to provide screening and privacy in your garden?

When looking for hedging to provide screening in your garden, the best solution is to plant mature hedging to give you instant privacy.  Buying pre-grown hedges, such as our Practical Instant Hedge™ ensures that you have a solution to create a private, secure garden for you to enjoy.

You could plant individual plants, but you will need to wait for them to grow into a hedge. The best hedges to provide screening and privacy are those that are ready grown for that purpose, and in particular, evergreen instant hedge.

Which Instant Hedge is best for screening and privacy?

There are many garden hedges, and many are suitable for specific issues or requirements.  Deciduous hedges offer season interest, from spring blossom to autumn fruits, however due to the annual leaf drop, they may not be suitable for year-round screening.

The best hedging to provide great screening for the whole of the year are evergreen, and they will give an attractive backdrop in your garden. Evergreen hedges are the best for screening and privacy.

Why use Evergreen Instant Hedges

Evergreen Instant Hedges are attractive hedges and give an immediate privacy screen.  Our Practical Instant Hedge™ is grown in nine varieties at our hedge nursery in Iver, Buckinghamshire.  Our production method that ensures this mature hedge is easy to handle, as it is pre-grown in 1m troughs at our nursery which means it can be planted all year round with no worry about “transplant” shock.

Our Top 5 Evergreen Instant Hedges

From our range of 9 evergreen Practical Instant Hedges, these are our pick of the top five hedges that are ideal for screening:

Common Laurel (Prunus laurocerasus ‘Rotundifolia’)

Laurel Leaf detail

Common Laurel (or Cherry Laurel) makes a bright, dense evergreen hedge. It’s shiny lime green leaves are thick and leathery, making it a good choice for noise reduction, for example, from a busy road. Common Laurel Instant Hedge will thrive in most soils, including clay, but it dislikes (shallow) chalk.

Yew (Taxus baccata)

Yew leaf detail

Practical Yew Instant Hedge is a very popular choice, a timeless classic that is at home in any garden style from formal traditional to elegant contemporary. The dark-green, conifer foliage is easy to maintain and trim. Yew hedges are perfect choice for dense, mature evergreen hedging.

Portuguese Laurel (Prunus lusitanica ‘Angustifolia’)

Portuguese laurel leaf

Practical Portuguese Laurel Instant Hedge will work well in any garden setting. The dark green leaves are neat and attractive, giving this evergreen hedge an attractive compact and refined appearance.  Portuguese Laurel hedging likes most soils including clay and shallow chalk.

Broadleaf (Griselinia littoralis)

Griselinia Evergreen Instant Hedge

Practical Griselinia Instant Hedge™ (as known as Broadleaf) makes a wonderful evergreen instant hedge with its attractive light apple-green leathery leaves. Griselinia hedging is excellent for coastal locations as it is particularly tolerant of salt laden winds, ‘littoralis’ translates as ‘growing by the sea’.

Oleaster (Elaeagnus ebbingei  ‘Compacta’)

Elaeagnus Instant Hedge leaf detail

Elaeagnus ebbingei ‘Compacta’ is a robust hedging plant with tough silvery grey leaves that are frost, wind and salt resistant. Also known as Oleaster, this Instant Hedge. is excellent for creating a dense evergreen screen anywhere but has particular value in coastal areas.

Why Plant Practical Instant Hedge™?

  • Create an attractive backdrop for your garden project.
  • Provides highly effective screening for privacy and security.
  • Give your garden more shelter for your garden and filter pollution such as dirt and noise
  • Hedges are more cost effective and weather resistant than fence or brickwork
  • Help protect birds and wildlife by creating a natural habitat
  • Enhance or section off parts of your property for sale.


How to order Practical Instant Hedge™

If you like to find out more about our comprehensive range of evergreen and deciduous Practical Instant Hedges, you can:

  • Explore our website for more details, including current size availability
  • We offer supply only, or supply and installation
  • Call us on 01753 652022 and speak to our horticultural team
  • Email us on hedge@ with your requirements (including size and length of hedge, your location and whether you would like a price for installation) and we will return a quote within 2 working days.


Evergreen Instant Hedges are the best for screening and privacy in your garden


Clearance Trees Holm Oak
Evergreen Oak Screening

Quercus ilex (Holm Oak)

We have some fine Quercus ilex (Holm Oak) that are available now which are perfect for evergreen screening.


This special selection of field grown rootball Quercus ilex are available now:

Hedging Blocks 

  • Height: 3-3.75m
  • Width: 1.5m x Depth 1.5m
  • Price: £475
  • Number: 28

Feathered Plants

  • Height: 2.75-3.25m
  • Form: feathered
  • Price: £145
  • Number: 33



These Evergreen Oaks have dark-green, glossy foliage is similar to that of a holly tree, hence the common name Holly (or Holm) Oak and are therefore perfect for screening or year round coverage, with the spiny, evergreen leaves being a brilliant plain backdrop for other plants.

Young green autumn acorns adorn Quercus ilex and mature to a dark red before falling. The acorns are popular with wildlife such as squirrels, whilst the spring catkins are visited by bees and other insects, and its dense, evergreen canopy offers year-round shelter for birds.

Left unpruned, they will eventually grow into a large, rounded tree, this variety of Oak will reach 15-20metres in 20 years.

Quercus ilex can be exposed to coastal positions and as it is also tolerant of salt-spray, it is ideal for using as an evergreen windbreak in coastal gardens. It is happy in both full sun and dappled shade and in all but very wet soils. This tree prunes well, making it extremely useful as well as tough.


Key Features

  • Common name: Evergreen Oak or Holm Oak or Holly-leaved Oak
  • Latin name: Quercus ilex
  • Height and spread in 20 years: 20 x 6 metres
  • Season of interest: Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter
  • Foliage: Spiny, dark-green, evergreen leaves becoming smooth as tree matures
  • Soil: Tolerant of most soil types if moist but well-drained (avoid wet sites)
  • Position: Full sun or part shade. Evergreen Oak is great for coastal positions
  • Naturalised in the UK

Contact us for more details about these field grown rootball Quercus ilex now

Childrens Garden at Kew Gardens
Kew Gardens now with Practical Instant Hedge

Practical Instant Hedges are on Kew

Royal Botanic Gardens required a mature hedging solution along the perimeter of their planned Children’s Garden at Kew Gardens. The hedging was needed for immediate impact, to create the boundary of the garden, with the intention of leaving only one main entrance and exit to the garden.

The Children’s Garden is a major new feature being the first significant development within the Kew Gardens estate for over a decade. and aims to inspire children to love and care for plants, gardens and open-air play. The completed garden is over an hectare in area and includes play structures and extensive planting among the existing trees,

Practical Instant Hedge

Practicality Brown won a competitive tender to supply 190 metres Green Beech and 200 metres of Mixed Native instant hedge. We grew our Practical Instant Hedges™ for Royal Botanic Gardens, here at out nursery in Iver. The Instant Native Mix Hedge was made up in equal quantities of

  • Dogwood – Cornus sanguinea
  • Field Maple – Acer campestre
  • Hawthorn – Crataegus monogyna
  • Hazel – Corylus avellana
  • Hornbeam – Carpinus betulus

As with all our dense, pre-planted and ready grown Practical Instant Hedges™, this was produced in 1m long bags of continuous root strips for easy, stress-free planting all year round.  In addition to the original tender, we also supplied Quercus Ilex Instant Hedge and as well as additional Beech and Native Mix.

The Children’s’ Garden has proven really successful for Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew with over 25,000 positive reviews. Our 400 metre Practical Instant Hedges™ contribute to the overall ambience, providing a safe and secure environment for the children to play and explore nature.

Award Winners

This project has been awarded the British Association of Landscape Industries’ (BALI) prestigious Grand Award at the 43rd BALI National Landscape Awards 2019. Planted and managed by specialist landscaping company, Ground Control, this scheme also won the Community and Schools Development category.

Congratulations to Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew, Ground Control and everyone involved; we are proud to associated with The Children’s’ Garden.


New forestry forwarder
Practicality Brown buys first Sampo Forwarder in UK

New Machinery – Sampo FR28 Forwarder

Practicality Brown have purchased a Sampo-Rosenlew FR28 Forwarder which now joins our fleet and we are the first company in the UK to buy this forestry machine in the UK.

“We had been looking for a lightweight, nimble yet powerful small forestry forwarder for a while, and this new machine fits our requirements well” says Alastair Beddall, Managing Director at Practicality Brown Ltd.

“Whilst we were delighted with our Rottne F9, production lead time became a priority to meet contract requirements for Tier 4 Final emission standards, which led us to explore the market.”

With its low dead load and high steering angle, the F28 is a nimble machine for efficiently transporting timber from stump to roadside.  It meets the required standards that we need and is perfect for our tree thinning requirements.

This latest edition to the Practicality Brown Tree & Vegetation Clearance fleet will be reserved for construction related works requiring high compliance and short lead time and not will not engage in long term forestry contracts.  We are therefore delighted to make the Sampo FR28 Forwarder available for short term hires in the south of England for high compliance works.


A small, agile 13 tonne forwarder, the Sampo F28’s specification includes:

  • 10-tonne load bearing
  • Articulated steering that turns 45 degrees for high manoeuvrability
  • Optimized weight division between front and rear axles
  • 710 wide tyres for low ground impact
  • Loading space length 4.4m bed
  • 10 metre reach crane specially designed for thinning operations
  • Comfortable cab offering good visibility and safety standards

We have been operating for over 35 years and today have an enviable reputation for an ability to respond to clients’ land clearance requirements, offering an extensive range of in-house trained resources and specialist equipment backed with health and safety accreditation.

If you would like further information on hiring our Sampo FR28 Forwarder, or have other Tree and Vegetation Clearance requirements, call us on 01752 652022 or email treeclearance@

RHS Hampton Court
RHS 2019 Hampton Court Garden Festival

Practicality Brown at RHS Hampton Court

Every year, Practicality Brown have the pleasure of working with talented Garden Designers at the Royal Horticultural Society’s prestigious Garden Shows and this July we supplied six gardens at Hampton Court with 75m of our Instant Hedge as well as five semi-mature trees.

Five gardens used our Practical Native Mix Instant Hedge, which has plants that are all native to the UK, reflecting traditional country hedgerows and are therefore very wildlife friendly. Grown here at our nursery in Iver, we have taken great care with these instant hedging solutions to supply a premium quality product.

BBC Springwatch Garden (Feature Garden)

Practical Instant Hedge for BBC Springwatch garden

This special Feature Garden, designed by Jo Thompson, was inspired by Kate Bradbury’s wildlife garden for BBC Springwatch. British gardens cover an area bigger than all of the country’s nature reserves combined which is being represented in the BBC Springwatch Garden, as it shows three gardens belonging to different neighbours. Each with its own character and features to attract wildlife, working towards a common cause through gardening. Our Practical Native Mix Instant Hedge reinforces these wildlife benefits. Built by Bespoke Outdoor Spaces

Through Your Eyes (Show Garden)

Practical Instant Hedge for Lawrence Roberts

Silver medal winner

This Show Garden, designed by Lawrence Roberts  of Elements Garden Design, provided an immersive experience for the show visitor. The garden was overlooked by a large William Roobrouck sculpture that can be entered, allowing each person a moment alone to contemplate the garden and its message. Mental health, age, family and friendships are all addressed in the garden through the materials and the choice of planting. Our Native Mix formed the borders to this thoughtful garden. Built by Shrub and Stone.

The Naturecraft Garden (Lifestyle Garden)

Practical Instant Hedge for Naturecraft Garden

Silver medal winner and Peoples’ Choice Award for Lifestyle & Global Impact Garden

Designed by Pollyanna Wilkinson, and inspired by botanical crafts, the garden explored how we can create beautiful objects from the plants that we grow. Crafts included natural dyes, herbal medicines, flower pressing and willow weaving. As well as their decorative value, the plants in this country garden all have a purpose, whether it be medicinal, edible or practical. Our Native Mix instant hedge created a framework for the garden’s features, which form a sanctuary where creativity can thrive. We also supplied the trees for this beautiful garden. Built by Burnham Landscaping.

The Urban Pollinator Garden (Lifestyle Garden)

Practical Instant Hedge for Urban Pollinator garden

Silver Gilt medal winner

The garden, designed by Caitlin McLaughlin, was a magnet for bees and other insects, fusing design, function and wildlife-friendly values. After a long day at work this garden is designed to offer a place for the owners to relax, connect with nature, and surround themselves with pollinators, without the pressure of keeping bees themselves. Our Native Mix Instant Hedge helped support a range of wildlife and promote biodiversity. Built by Conway Landscapes
This garden is now rehomed at Cransley Hospice in Kettering, Northamptonshire, for patients, visitors and staff to enjoy.

Stop and Pause Garden (Lifestyle Garden)

Practical Instant Hedge for Dave Green

Gold medal winner Best Lifestyle & Global Impact Garden and Best Construction Award

Designed by Dave Green, this garden is a calm, still and quiet space offering mental wellbeing and meditation opportunities. Surrounded by trees, the space has a slightly secretive quality, hiding its sense of tranquillity within. At the centre, a reflection pool, surrounded by soft woodland planting, adds to the relaxed feeling. Seating areas create places to stop, pause and reflect while enjoying the sight, sounds and smells of nature. Our Native Mix Instant Hedge is integral to the design. Built by PC Landscapes.
The garden has been donated to Solihull Hospital Charity and will be reconstructed in the hospital grounds.

Outdoor Living Garden (Lifestyle Garden)

Purple Beech Instant Hedge

Silver Gilt medal winner

This garden is a nod to the growing trend of outdoor living and alfresco dining, designed with a young couple in mind. Designed by Robert Grimstead, its features an almost seamless terrace within the garden and an outdoor kitchen for an alfresco dining experience, providing the ability to cook and socialise with friends. A reflective gravel pool creates a sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. UK grown Purple Beech Instant Hedge provides a framework to this stylish garden. Built by Lower Barn Farm


If you would like a garden inspired by RHS Flowers Shows please contact us on 01753 652022 or email to talk to our friendly Horticultural team.

See more about these gardens on the RHS Hampton Court Garden Festival web page

Award Winning

Congratulations to all the designers, builders and volunteers involved with these fabulous projects; see more on the BBC coverage of the RHS Hampton Court Garden festival on BBC iPlayer


RHS Hampton Court Garden Festival – The Gardens

Jo Thompson

Lawrence Roberts

Pollyanna Wilkinson

Caitlin McLaughlin

Dave Green

Robert Grimstead

BBC coverage Chelsea trees
Trees at RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2019

Specimen Trees at RHS Chelsea Flower Show

There was a strong green colour scheme at this year’s RHS Chelsea Flower Show and the BBC coverage showed many of the talented garden designers’ creations. Once again, Monty Don, respected gardener and broadcaster chose his favourite Trees from this year’s show.

Including the impressive resident avenue of London Plane trees, these specimen trees that stood out:


Hornbeam treesAndy Sturgeon used large Hornbeams in the woodland feature of his M & G Garden, which was inspired by nature’s power to regenerate. This Gold medal winning garden also received the Best Show Garden award.

Carpinus betulus (Common Hornbeam) is a native tree. It has bright green leaves which turn a shining yellow through to brown in the Autumn. Hornbeam often retains these brown leaves through the Winter and into the Spring.


Many large unclipped evergreens were left to their natural best in these Show Gardens:

Altas CedarAtlas Cedar in Wedgwood garden

Jo Thompson reflected 260 years of history in her Wedgwood Garden, creating an impressive architectural arched structure, and used textural and structural trees to line the boundary, including Atlas Cedar. The garden was awarded a Silver Gilt medal

The Cedrus atlantica is a fast growing tree, named after the Atlas Mountains in Morocco and Algeria, from where it originates. This imperial tree can reach 30 metres in height, with branches that growing horizontally from the base of the tree all the way up to the top.


Monkey puzzleMonkey puzzle tree

Jonathon Snow’s silver medal winning Trailfinders garden was inspired by the temperate rainforests of South America, where the Monkey puzzle is a native tree.

Araucaria Araucana (Monkey puzzle) is a stately slow growing evergreen and structural tree, well known for its distinctive long slender branches densely covered with overlapping spiking leaves.


Black pine

Black pine tree

Centre stage of Chris Beardshaw’s Morgan Stanley Garden is the Black Pine. This Gold medal winning garden is inspired by the UK’s love of beautiful gardens.

The Black, or Austrian Pine is a rich, robust evergreen tree, with deep green glossy needles and a picturesque (and usually) rounded growth habit.

Pinus nigra is excellent in exposed and coastal areas, and makes the perfect selection for wind break planting and protection from the sea.


Semi-mature trees can make a real statement in your garden; why not browse our Tree Finder or ask us about our in stock availability.

Please either fill out the contact form, email trees@ or call us on 01753 652022

Tree Surgeons
Expanding our Land Clearance Expertise

Practicality Brown Limited have recently acquired the commercial business of Midland Tree Surgeons Ltd, which reinforces its position as a leader in the land clearance industry.

Midlands Tree Surgeons (MTS) founded and managed for over 40 years by Robert Kennedy, until his recent retirement, has a strong reputation for professionalism and reliability in the development site clearance business, which we have every intention of continuing. We look forward to expanding our Midlands tree and vegetation clearance activities, with locally based expertise and resources.

Skilled tree surgeon

Extending our expertise

Managing Director Alastair Beddall announcing the purchase of MTS said

“It was a perfect fit, there are many similarities in the way we manage our business and in our high customer satisfaction ratings. We have worked closely together on several large tree clearance contracts in the Midlands area and the purchase of Robert’s company made commercial sense”.


Whilst the existing MTS telephone, website and email addresses are being maintained, all new enquiries are welcome at midlandtreesurgeons@

Midland Office: 01295 690011 Iver | Head Office: 01753 652022


We operate our own compliant fleet of specialist mechanised resources including:

5  Dymax Tree Shears up to 16”

8 Mulchers up to 400hp

2 whole tree chippers both 550hp

stump grinders

excavator mounted winch

forestry forwarder

heavy duty flail mower

remote control tractor mulcher

2 tree spades and more.

PBL’s chainsaw teams are based regionally and wood chip produced is processed at our own wood fuel hub into premium grade biomass fuel.


Prunus avium plena blossom
Top 10 Trees for Small Gardens