Re-discovering ancient heathland at Stoke Common

Project : Stoke Common Restoration

Client: City of London Corporation           Location: Stoke Common, South Bucks


Practicality Brown prides itself on unrivalled customer satisfaction and long working relationships with a number of clients; one of which is the City of London Corporation.  This organisation owns and manages some 5,400 Ha of open spaces in and around London.

The City of London took over the ownership and management of Stoke Common in 2007 and it is now protected under the City of London’s Open Spaces Act 1878. The City has a legal duty to protect and conserve Stoke Common for public recreation and wildlife conservation ‘in perpetuity’.


Stoke Common contains the largest area of heathland in south Buckinghamshire; the City have been working towards restoring the Common to its former glory and Practicality Brown have been assisting them achieve this.  This is particularly important, as the Common is a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI), due to the rarity of its Heathland habitat.


This work has involved careful removal of dense secondary woodland and scrub in accordance with the 10 year management plan, to allow regeneration of dwarf shrub communities and provide greater habitat for associated species. Some plant species that are really benefitting include Common Heather, Bell Heather, Cross-Leaved Heath, Creeping Willow, Petty Whin and Dwarf Gorse.

Practicality Brown continue to work with The City of London at various sites.

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